The Maryland Commission on Human Relations offers many employment opportunities in the field of Fair Practices.  The agency's staff  components include complaint intake,  investigations, litigation, community education, public affairs, information technology, research and systemic analysis, and administrative support.  Employment with the Maryland Commission on Human Relations is governed by the recruitment and selection  requirements of the State Personnel Management System (SPMS).  Most positions are filled through a competitive examination process. The examination is based on the job duties and the level of responsibility of the position. SPMS exams may be written, oral, a demonstration of skill or a rating of the job applicant's education and experience as detailed on the State application or qualification  supplement.  MCHR also recruits and hires contractual employees or individuals for special appointment positions.



Contact  Barbara Wilson  for more information about MCHR employment opportunities.  For information on employment with other State of Maryland agencies and employment applications, go to the Maryland Office of Personnel Services web page.

The Maryland Commission on Human Relations is an Equal Opportunity Employer.